What We DO

As one of the leading Agency companies in Nigeria, Radnoy Maritime Services offer to care for any of your ships calling at West African ports or others at all times.

When you choose Radnoy Maritime Services as protective agents, ship chandlers and for general marine services, you also gain access to a wide range of information services that will facilitate your decision-making and speed up work of ship owners, operators and managers while in West Africa. This site forms part of that value-added service. Due to the excellent management and concentrated effort of our staff, Radnoy Maritime Services has experienced remarkable growth and also become one of the most outstanding companies in the Nigerian shipping industry since 2006. Although we are not the first agency in Nigeria, our reputation is among the highest in Nigeria. Radnoy Maritime Services also places a high priority on the quality of its staff in all areas of operations and administration. Moreover, in order to maintain and increase the level of services offered, we provide progressive training for all personnel.
In order to serve our clients better, we have established local offices at the major West African ports such as port of Lome, Cotonou, Tin-Can port, Apapa Port. Radnoy Maritime Services has also intensively invested in service networks and human resources. We are particularly proud to be accredited by Nigerian Maritime association for ISO 9001:2000 in 2006.

Our Vision

RADNOY MARITIME SERVICES has a long tradition in quality of service, safety of operation and environmental protection in the marine shipping industry.

Our team of highly effective, professional and focused shore and shipboard staff demonstrate our commitment and responsibility towards our customers, shareholders, employees, and society in general. Our goal is to constantly improve our position as a premier shipping company, providing superior marine transportation services to customers worldwide.

At Sea
The Company considers it has a duty to exercise due care and to take adequate measures to protect the environment and aims for ZERO spills to sea.

The Master has overall responsibility for ensuring the observance and implementation of the Company’s policy for the protection of the environment. The Master has overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with respect to pollution prevention. He is to request Company assistance whenever necessary. The Master has the responsibility to review on board environmental protection procedures.

Societal & Environmental Impact
The Company fully recognises the environmental impact of sea transport of all commodities and is committed to prevent pollution and eliminate pollution whenever possible.

The company is also committed to comply with all relevant national and international environmental legislation and regulations, and to implement industry guides and codes of practice to a level of performance applicable to the company.
All company personnel will work in an environmentally friendly manner and aim for continual improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention at all times.
Targets and objectives will aim for the reduction of identified environmental impacts of its activities to air, sea and land where possible.
Environmental issues will be incorporated into everyday business decisions and activities. Monitoring of appropriate technology and management practices will be a part of any enhanced environmental performance that can be achieved.
This policy and applicable procedures apply to the Company and all branch offices. This policy will be communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation and be made available to the public.

At Shore
 The Company Environmental Committee reviews existing and pending legislation in respect of Environmental Protection. It also reviews all reports and recommendations received from the ships in respect of Environmental Protection.

The system will be reviewed on a regular basis. This policy forms part of the terms of employment of all personnel within the Company. Willful non-compliance with pollution prevention requirements will render the employee liable to dismissal. This policy will remain in force until revoked and/or amended by written advice of the Management


Bunker Supply Services

Bunker Suppliers Radnoy Maritime Services Ltd provide bunker services to vessel either tanker or cargo vessels within Nigerian Port and Shores. We provide:
• Lubricants (Shell,Mobil lubricants)
• M.G.O
• I.F.O
at good and considerable rates with a team of consistent and dedicated staff we are prepared to serve you 24/7.

Protective Service/Ship Services

With increasing rate of piracy attacks on vessels in west Africa and other part of the world,protecting and safety of crews has become a necessity in the shipping industry today.We make it a top priority in our business and service delivery to provide crews with safety precautions and measures,that is why we make use of the latest and most advanced tools in combating piracy and any form of danger during port calls or anchorage. Radnoy maritime profer protective solutions to ship owners,ship operators and managers around the world with specific areas of interest. Radnoy maritime services ltd been providing security services to the maritime industry around the west africa since inseption.

Ship Chandelling

From fresh water to general foods and provision,cooking gas,freon gas,oxygen gas,garbage disposing services.Radnoy maritime services provides off-shore and on-shore chandling and shipping services for fleets and vessels across west african ports and Anchorages. we provide services for crews of all nationalities and nativity at right rates and prices. Goods are delivered on time and best quality,accessment and scrutiny is accepted before transaction. Today we offer a ‘one stop’ global maritime security service that meets the increasing security needs of the shipping industry today. Security Officers Available for immediate, short or long term contract either in port or on board as a riding security team. Without exception all Security offficers are nigerian military college personnel trained specifically for maritime duties. Regulatory Compliance ISPS / MTSA Vessel or Port Facility Assessments and Plans. The Regulatory Compliance Department also offers the writing and submission of SSAS Annexes and the specification, delivery and reporting of ISPS Audits, drills and exercises in nigeria/west africa for vessels or port facilities. Ship Alert (SSAS) monitoring Approved by flag Administrations including the nigeria/west-africa Maritime Coastguard Agency, a 24/7/365 monitoring service to give absolute peace of mind in the monitoring, management and routine testing of Ship Security Alert Systems

Special Marine Equipments

We are merchants for special marine equipments,we buy and sell Used tug boats,speed boats,fenders and marine merchandise.We import and export special goods/equipments for our local and international clients. Radnoy maritime services guarantees safe delivery of goods and services in safe and best conditions.

crew transportation

Radnoy Maritime Services limited is a limited liability company registered under the companies and allied matters act of 1990 by the federal republic of nigeria.We are customs and The nigerian port authority licensed ship chandlers and shipping operator in Nigeria ports/shores.
Also a licensed operator with the Department of Petroleum Resources(DPR) and Federal Inland water ways certified Operator for Transportation of crew and marine equipments.



we accept payment from either shipping company/operators or managers by bank wire transfer to our corporate Accounts or On board payment by master of vessel supplied.
We accept payment only by bank wire transfer either locally or internationally.
All verifications and clarifications can be made from The Central Bank of Nigeria before any transaction or monetary involvement.